At Strata we love Xero

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At Strata we love Xero, it is clean, intuitive and makes bookkeeping easier and less time consuming.

We don’t have any strategic relationship with Xero (although we are a Gold Champion) but we choose it because we think it’s best in class and whilst it continues to be so we will continue to use it.  There are also such a wide range of third-party add-ons (we call it the Xero ecosystem) and these are industry specific so we can help your company create a bespoke accountancy package at a fraction of the normal cost.

There is no risk of losing a back-up, as it is cloud based, and with great features (such as the integrated bank feed, drill down functionality and the ability to see scanned /email receipts underpinning each transaction) knowing how your business is doing has become much easier!

Recording receipts and expenses might still be time consuming though, and most small business owners are not bookkeeping experts – and why should they be?! They are better to be concentrating on their strengths, not forcing themselves to complete a task they neither enjoy nor excel at (no pun intended!) 

We can help with this, by setting you up on Dext – a software that integrates directly with Xero that allows you to quickly snap a photo of receipts (or forward on any emailed invoices) so that they appear in Xero and ensure your records are completely digital. We can even run the whole outsourced finance function, where your input is limited to simply sending on the invoices and receipts – let us take care of the rest of it.

The most enjoyable bit of our job is being able to interpret the numbers and provide quality management information and insight to the decision makers – helping you grow your business in whatever direction you’re aiming for: maximising revenue, understanding your margins, being tax efficient or looking for an exit strategy. 

We also believe Xero facilitates a much more proactive approach to accountancy, why wait 9 months after the year end to know how you’ve done when you can get it throughout the year?

That is where we can make a difference to your business.

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