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A SaaS business, NorthRow required a quick fix to replace an exiting team member and provide agile services to support the CFO

The challenge

At a pressured time for the business a key member of the finance team, responsible for all invoicing (a process which relied on in-house knowledge and organisational memory) gave notice. This was in the early weeks of the lockdown in 2020 and at a time when the CFO was managing a number of other challenges. The risk of training another analyst in the bespoke nature of the role was clear and the business went to market for an out-sourced solution to ensure turnover of staff didn’t have a further impact on the start-up team during the period of growth.

The solution

We engaged in a formal request for proposal process and were successful in part due to our Propect to Client proceess which ensures that through a detailed discovery call we ensure we fully understand the client ask, and then scope the work with an underpinning cost proposal. This identified the need for a detailed review of process, a facilitated handover and a move to a rhythm of delivery and monthly reporting of all bookkeeping and management accounts, with a nominated client contact to manage the business administration side.

The result

We have now delivered our enhanced bookkeeping and management account process to NorthRow for over 18 months. We have partnered closely with the CE and the new in post FD to deliver ad hoc projects including a vritual FD role at the time of the audit. We recently delivered a data analyst project to provide information on revenue patterns; and have also recommended and subsequently delivered a change to standardised month end invoicing.

I just wanted to write to say thank you for the comprehensive detail regarding the transition process so far. It was a big ask for any provider to handover a functional scope within 2 weeks from the incumbent (albeit I know the transition process timeframe extends well beyond that) but the structure that you've put around it as well as the knowledge demonstrated of the standard processes and our own 'flavour' has been tremendously helpful and gives me huge confidence that we're in safe hands both through this challenging period and beyond.

Adam Holden CFO May 2020 (now CE)

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