Being a Kickstart at Strata…

Post :Ben-Ariel Onime

I joined Strata in Sept-21 on the Kickstart scheme; having just finished my maths & physics degree in Warwick

At the time of writing, I am four months into my Kickstart program. And what a short four months has it been! I have had the pleasure of working for Colmer Winchester (recently rebranded as Strata) as a Business and Financial Administrator. I’ve worked alongside Kate, Phil, and Andy, as well as five other colleagues.

I think the best part of working for Strata was all the support I received. I was given plenty of tools, from a work laptop to on-the-job training, and if I was ever confused or stuck, a director was always there to point me in the right direction. And the co-workers being friendly made the experience of my first job significantly less stressful.

Furthermore, I was able to use the skills I had already developed and take them a step further. For example, I had spent many hours over the summer practicing my Excel skills and being able to use those skills in my work has been extremely enjoyable.

But while I was able to improve on the skills I already had, I also had the opportunity to learn some new skills, from being able to use Xero, to speaking in front of a group, and even preparing and giving an informative presentation.

All in All, the Kickstart scheme has been a great experience for me. It was easy to apply and it was also to navigate through with the help of my work coach. I recommend it to those that have access to it.

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